Dreams of iCARUS

I have dreamed of flying in the air since I was around 10 years old. Since then I have been fascinated with an airplane, and one of my dreams was to become a pilot.

I enjoy looking at the cloudy skies as well. I love to appreciate the clouds, moving and changing shapes and formations due to the air and the wind. I’d like to call them as an artist who creates art in the sky…

Abstract Portrait of Architecture

Architecture is an art of geometry and an art of lines as well as planes and surfaces. All architecture has its own unique feature, shape, style and appearance. Architecture tends to be well decorated in the same way that people use make up and dress up for their beauty. Most people, however, easy to neglect the aesthetic aspect of the architecture, and just considering the architecture as a useful building, not an artwork…

People on 7th St. LA

Those people on 7th St. which crossing downtown LA are whom I encounter on the way to work in the morning during the weekday. The reason why I start this project is that I want to capture the moment of all walks of life who can meet on the way to my work in the morning as a immigrant just moved to LA.

The Things on the freeway

I spend more than 3 hours on the freeway which is notorious for a traffic jam. Go, stop, go, stop…

One day I discovered there were many beer cans and hard liquor bottles on the median strip, and I thought it was very unusual. Everyday people injure or die by car accidents and DUI driving, which is considered illegal.

“How come these beer cans and hard liquor bottles are on the freeway…

Over the Window: City of Angels

Los Angeles’s cityscape is ever-changing, from a clear, cloudless day to an overcast day.

As an immigrant who lives a life separated from the mainstream, I have been documenting the LA skyline through the window at my workplace every day.

LA is a familiar place to many people, but to me, a transparent glass barrier makes the city feel like a strange mirage that cannot be easily approached.

The reality of not being able to pursue my dreams trapped me in a state of imprisonment.

It is also said that alongside a language barrier, the invisible glass ceiling that few can cross through exists.

LA is an island in the sky I can never reach.