The Things on the freeway

I spend more than 3 hours on the freeway which is notorious for a traffic jam. Go, stop, go, stop…

One day I discovered there were many beer cans and hard liquor bottles on the median strip, and I thought it was very unusual. Everyday people injure or die by car accidents and DUI driving, which is considered illegal.

“How come these beer cans and hard liquor bottles are on the freeway, which is typically packed with cars and trucks?”

So I started to take a look the median strip at every stop, and I took pictures with curiosity. Then I found that there were so many kinds of unusual things on the freeway.

I took pictures of alcoholic beverages, crumpled license plates, ID card, cassette tape, electric circuit board, books, shoes, hats, golf ball, gadgets, glasses, clothes, utility goods, gloves, sex toy, etc from a freeway.

Some are perishing, some are brand new from a box…
Those things might be dumped by people or lost their owner.

Whenever I encountered a new object while stuck in traffic jam, they made me feel various emotions: at times I was curious; sometimes weirded out; at times I found the situation funny; and I also felt sadness, pity, compassion and even nostalgia…

*This project began on Nov. 29, 2011, the day of the first photo was taken. Due to several expansion constructions on this freeway, most of the things in my photos have been disappeared.